Acupuncture is a natural way of healing

​​​​Acupuncture takes a comprehensive approach toward healing, which means I work to relieve not only your immediate symptoms but strive to find the underlying cause of your illness. Then I can restore your overall health to its natural balance. And because acupuncturists are considered Primary Health Care Providers in California, I treat patients for many different medical problems including:

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PAIN: I treat both chronic and acute pain syndromes and address pain both at the systemic and localized levels to offer comprehensive care for back, neck, shoulder and knee pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, sports injuries, and fibromyalgia.

STRESS: Stress can invade our lives in many ways. My treatments focus on the underlying causes of stress and its manifestations, whether physical, emotional or both, in order to restore energy, productivity, calm and a sense of wellness.

INFLAMMATION: Inflammation is a major cause of many diseases. Acupuncture has an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells and tissues of the body that aids healing.

DIGESTIVE PROBLEMS: My approach to digestive problems is complementary and comprehensive. I work with the patient’s entire healthcare team to correct structural anomalies, reduce reflux and dietary sensitivities, eliminate pain and irregularity, and enhance nutritional absorption and metabolism safely and without side-effects.

My weight loss program focuses on reducing cravings, boosting energy, promoting digestive health and creating well-being. In conjunction with healthy food choices and a reasonable exercise program, patients find they reach their weight loss goals more swiftly than before.

RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS: Whether it’s coughs, colds, seasonal allergies, chronic asthma or bronchitis that is affecting you, my comprehensive assessment examines the quality of the lung’s energy or its deficiencies. Treatments center on boosting lung function and supplementing the supporting organ systems of the kidney and spleen.

Insomnia and dream-disturbed sleep affect millions of people worldwide. I offer time-honored empirical point prescriptions coupled with customized organ rebalancing, herbal remedies, and lifestyle consultation. My treatments are complementary to Western medicine and encourage successful sleep patterning outcomes.

WOMEN’S HEALTH: My treatments for women focus on the diagnosis and rebalancing of the spleen, heart, kidney, and liver to relieve the gynecological problems of PMS and menopause. Results reflect a new harmonious interaction of organ systems that generates poise, calm, energy and wellness.

FERTILITY: In addition to acupuncture, my fertility treatments encompass a complete customized program for women and men that includes exercise, nutritional education, stress reduction and specific protocols for all phases of a woman’s cycle which promotes success as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with IVF, IUI and all other reproductive endocrine treatments.

BREAST CANCER TREATMENT SIDE EFFECTS: Whether it is nausea, fatigue, hot flashes, joint pain, anxiety or insomnia that are affecting you, in conjunction with standard treatments, acupuncture can be a big help to you! See my complete article relating to treatment.

FACIAL REJUVINATION: Externally beautiful skin is a reflection of healthy internal organs. My facial rejuvenation treatments target not only the obvious signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles or puffiness, but offer remedies for the underlying causes of problems which can be found in internal organ imbalances.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: My treatments for substance abuse allow both the body and the mind to relax, rejuvenate and find clarity for renewal. Gentle and non-invasive, they are a perfect complement to detox programs and other forms of therapy.​

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